Grand Champions, Grand Premiers and Distinguished Merit

Grand Premier, Regional Winner
Br'er Coon's Red Skelton
CFA Southern Regions 18th Best Cat in Premiership 2004-2005

In loving memory 2003-2011



Grand Champion, Regional Winner Rivercats St. Johns of Alicoons
CFA Southern Regions 17th Best Cat 2006-2007

River now lives with Gail Zawacki
in New Jersey


Grand Champion, Regional Winner
Alicoons Tycho Brahe, DM

14th Best Cat CFA Southern Region

Best Maine Coon
CFA Southern Region 2007-2008


Grand Champion
Tropikoons Sand Dollar of Alicoons

CFA's Best Brown Patch Tabby
Maine Coon 2005-2006

Grand Premier
Br'er Coon's Lucille Ball
In loving memory 2003-2005
Grand Champion, Grand Premier
Alicoons Gone to the Beach

Grand Champion
Dewisplear Sand Kastle of Alicoons

Adopted by:
Karen Koltnow & Meredith Lane
Wilton Manors, FL


Grand Champion
Alicoons Bellatrix

3rd Best Maine Coon Kitten
CFA's Southern Region 2006-2007

Owner: Lawana Duce

Grand Premier
Alicoons Deneb Cygni
Owners: Alan & Andrea Schoen
Grand Premier Alicoons Alcyone
Owner: Maureen Lang
Grand Premier
Alicoons Hope for Tomorrow
Owners: John & Helen McDonough

Grand Champion
Alicoons Silver Skye

CFA's 2nd Best Silver Patched Tabby 2009-2010

Best Silver Patched Tabby
CFA Southern Region

Best Maine Coon Kitten
2009 CFA International Show

In Loving Memory - 2014

Silver Skye

Grand Champion Tropikoons Coral Reef of Alicoons
Born: 7-9-2009

3rd Best Maine Coon kitten
2009 CFA International Show

Owner: Chris & Jennifer Downing


Coral Reef
Grand Premier
Tropikoons Trader Joe of Alicoons
Owner: Majdi M. El-Ahwal

Champion Honeycoon Solar Flair of Alicoons, DM

Retired breeder female

Born 4-10-2005

Adopted by:
Angela Russell


GP Alicoons Islamarada

Sire: GC, RW Alicoons Tycho Brahe
Dam: Ch Tropikoons Cocoa Butter of Alicoons



Grand Premier Alicoons Lunar Eclipse
CFA's 12th Best Cat in Premiership
2012-2013 Show Season
Born: 8-30-2010


Lunar Eclipse

Grand Premier Alicoons Red Skelton Too
Born: 8-30-2010

Red Skelton

Grand Premier Alicoons Coral Rose
CFA's 17th Best Cat in Premiership 2015-2016 Show Season
Born: 12-8-2013

GP Coral Rose
Grand Champion Alicoons Super Nova
Born: 1-4-2012

Adopted by Sally Gilmore
GC Alicoons Super Nova

Grand Champion Alicoons Andromeda
Born: 11-14-2013

GC Andromeda

Grand Premier Alicoons High Tide
Born 8-27-2010

Alicoons High Tide